CustomWorks® is certified as official SolidWorks Gold Partner product. The history of development goes back to 1998, when the first version was delivered. Today, CustomWorks is used in hundreds of companies in various industries.  



CustomWorks® is an extremely easy-to-use custom property and file management tool for every SolidWorks user. It is fast to learn and use, due to the user interface is directly inside SolidWorks Task Pane. CustomWorks removes laborious routines and unifies the way how the whole design team works. CustomWorks is a perfect match for SolidWorks® Professional and SolidWorks Workgroup PDM.

  • Custom Property Management 
    CustomWorks feeds and modifies custom property information of your company. All this information is stored inside 3D models and it automatically fills in Bills of Materials and title blocks in drawings. It supports all the SolidWorks features from configurations to weldment parts.
  • Copy Projects 
    CustomWorks automates the creation of new product variants. It makes it easy to copy and rename an existing SolidWorks assembly and related drawings to be a starting point for a new project. The new filenames are created automatically from the custom property information. CustomWorks ensures that all drawings and external file references are always correctly updated.
  • Batch Printing and File Export
    Just a couple of mouse clicks and all the drawings of an assembly are printed out to printers or converted to DWG, DXF, or PDF formats for manufacturing, archive, and communication purposes.
  • Export Assembly Structures
    CustomWorks creates export files from SolidWorks assemblies for MRP/ERP systems. A modern VB Scripting technique gives almost unlimited possibilities for creating properly formatted outputs.
  • Centralized Management of Settings 
    All the CustomWorks settings are stored into a profile which is used by the whole design team. CustomWorks is fully customizable for the needs of your business. Administrators can create company-specific input fields using an extremely easy-to-use Drag & Drop user interface.


CW5 UI long(1).jpg

Example of user interface.CustomWorks is fully customizable for the needs of your business.