Technology Watch is a basic tool in a management system for R & D, since it can detect scientific technological developments around, identify potential technology partners and minimize the efforts of R & D by leveraging existing developments. 


Analysis of patents and technological maps that reveal what the leading companies in a particular technology, what are the key patents, temporal evolution of technology, why people are the experts in the field, to know if you are working in direct competition that technology , ...

Legal status of a patent. Knowing if patent is in force, in which countries is valid, if there have been changes in ownership, ... The importance of understanding the environment in Industrial infringement issues

Reports Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence which aims to establish the evolution of technology, how are turning their efforts tractor sector companies, which are marketing, R & D projects, news, ... face to make a snapshot of that technology

Sectoral Newsletters allowing track technological developments taking place in the sector to watch.

Surveillance patent enables the organization to be aware of new developments are being protected around a specific technology. Investing in development resources can be protected on unnecessary costs while continuing developments can lead to protected industrial property violations.